BUYER AGENCY: Who does the agent represent?                                  

About Us When we represent you, all our duties are owed to YOU and not the seller!

 An important topic in the world of real estate is the issue of agency. It is essential that buyers know whether they are dealing with a buyer agent or a seller agent and how to act with each.


The type of relationship formed between the agent and the client is called a fiduciary relationship.

A fiduciary relationship is one based on trust, because the agent owes the following to the client: Confidentiality, loyalty, diligence, accounting and reasonable care.



 You have the freedom to discuss the value of properties, negotiating strategies and personal finances with us.

 You can obtain our opinion concerning the condition of the property, the effect of improvements, the seller's motivation for selling, and a variety of information which a seller's agent can not provide.

 The agents duties are owed directly to the seller in all transactions where there is no Buyer Agent Relationship formed to give you the representation you should have when buying a home.


While there is no obligation to you for the services we provide you, we hope you will "Call us" when you have interest in ANY home, regardless of what company it is listed with.

  • If you call any other agent for information or help on a home, there will be No Compensation to us, but rather the agent you purchase with. :-(
  • Our services are FREE TO YOU. Listing commissions are paid by the seller broker.
  • Deciding to CALL US when you are ready to buy is the only way we are compensated.    Please CALL US to help you find & purchase your new home.

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